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CKM Highly Effective Reality­-Based Training

Highly Effective and Easy to Learn Reality‐Based Training CKM Highly Effective Reality­-Based Training – Learn to defend yourself against a multitude of reality‐based attacks, including: Gun & Rifle Disarming, Vicious Knife Attacks and Threats, Violent Strangulation, Ground Survival, Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios, Pressure Points, Violent Headlocks, Explosive Baseball Bat Attacks, Clinch Defense, Surprise Attacks, […]

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Commando Krav Maga for Law Enforcement Tactical Training

Commando Krav Maga for Law Enforcement Tactical Training prepares law enforcement personnel on maintaining appropriate distance, restraint tactics and engaging in empty hand combat when necessary. The CKM techniques will give law enforcement officers the necessary tools to gain control of the situation when faced with unexpected vicious attacks. CKM LAW ENFORCEMENT SUSPECT RESTRAINT Law […]

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Martial Arts Self Defense for Men and Women

It is a common misconception that only women need to develop self-defense skills to safeguard their person or their rights. The reality is that every man who would like to live life in his chosen way without interference should learn essential Martial Arts self defense skills too. This becomes extremely important if you would like […]

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