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Firearm and saelf defense training

Firearm and Self Defense Training

ATA COMMANDO KRAV MAGA FIREARM AND SELF DEFENSE TRAINING Thank you for visiting our safe training firearm site. Please feel free to visit our website page on Go2FirearmSafety.com FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US at (803) 772-9439 or complete the FORM BELOW. If there is a course, private instruction or other venue you are seeking please […]

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Commando Krav Maga For Kids

Commando Krav Maga Kid (CKM KID) is the most modern and comprehensive “Life Skills Training Program” available for children ages 4 to 12. It provides real‐world preparation for your child’s journey toward adulthood. High self‐esteem and a healthy, fit life style are achieved through fun training via interactive games. CKM KID is a complete and […]

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