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Kids Krav Maga

Commando Krav Maga for Kids

Real Life Skills for Children Ages 4 to 12

High self-esteem and a healthy, fit life style are achieved through fun training via interactive games.

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Krav gun defense

Commando Krav Maga Self Defense

Highly Effective, Reality-Based Training

Maximize your street survival skills and learn how to handle yourself in increasingly demanding physical and mental situations

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Krav knife defense

CKM For Men, Ladies & Teens

Protection, Empowerment and Confidence

Easy to learn techniques to dramatically increase your personal protection and the security of your family

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Krav Maga women

Fitness Warrior Krav Kickboxing

CKM Elite Combat Fitness Program

A revolutionary training system that combines the most modern training methodology utilized by professional athletes and elite military units

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Now having the opportunity to write and supply feedback on the CKM training I attended last weekend in Atlanta, I am compelled to say…WOW! It was a great camp, exceeding my expectations. Of course meeting people with the same interest and going through a serious learning and physical experience resulted in the possibility of a

June 23, 2015

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1 FREE Month
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Message from School Owner Todd Spor

Our goal is the help you reach your goals. Whether it is the knowledge and confidence to handle any situation the world can throw at you, lose weight, get in shape, or to become a true leader, we are here to mentor and guide you on your journey

The Best of Both Worlds (Traditional and Reality Based)

Not only do our programs include the martial discipline of traditional martial arts, we train for the real threats of this world. We thus take the best of traditional martial arts instruction: structure, organization, meaningful repetition, challenge and goal setting and then incorporate reality based training: using military combatives and techniques that work against real world attacks. These defenses deal with everything from bullying to assault with weapons.

The CKM for kids program (Formerly–WIN) is built into our traditional curriculum and focuses on teaching practical and effective self-defense in a fun, dynamic, and supportive environment. CKM for Kid’s stresses results and is designed to bring kids to a very high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time. CKM for kids training starts at age 3 and up. At 14 students can start training in the full Commando Krav Maga curriculum.

Classes for all ages–Family and Adult Classes

We have classes appropriate for all ages. The curriculum will challenge and prepare you without overwhelming you. It does not matter if you are a three year old Tiger, an athletic Teen/Adult, or a wise elder, you are a fit. Using a combination of safe and exciting games and drills, young students will learn to deal with bullies and abductors, and teens and adults will learn to defend against weapon threats and attacks. Get your family prepared and in fantastic shape while having a great time.

Martial Arts Will Bring Out The Best Of You No Matter Personality!

Martial Arts is Known For Its Efficiency Martial Arts will help you to discover your body’s natural rhythm and the ways to make them much more effective. To achieve this, you will be taught body weight techniques. Its that time of the year again. The cold of winter has made your body unfit and you […]

Focus on the Present to Achieve your Goals

Many of us want to accomplish great things. However, often we fail to reach our goals. This happens not due to lack of trying, but rather due to us not working smartly. We often have the ultimate goal in mind, but we do not pay attention to the steps involved in achieving that goal. Focusing […]

Martial Arts, Never Too Late To Learn!

As we get older we seem to lose the edge we used to have, be it in speed, focus and sometimes even memory. Seniors can be more active as compared to their juniors if health permits. In fact, many seniors have reported that the sole thing holding them back is physical discomfort. This is where martial arts […]

Why Children Should Learn Martial Arts

It is a known fact that martial arts provide children with a good dose of self-respect and self-esteem. Besides increasing their self-worth, martial arts training will also help children to learn important lessons in life. What your children learn now will help them throughout their lifetime. Here are some reasons why you should enroll your […]