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Israeli Defense Forces along with military units in the United States and around the world are constantly deployed in counter‐terrorist operations. Law Enforcement agencies have an inherent need for a non‐ competitive tactical self‐defense system. Commando Krav Maga (CKM) uses a wide combination of techniques for combat survival and self‐defense which make it the most devastating Israeli fighting system in the world!

Commando Krav Maga (CKM) is the fastest growing reality based system on the planet. Its popularity is driven by a complexity of interwoven simplistic training methods progressively layered to create efficient bio‐mechanical pathways which allow any Man or woman to develop tactical skills at an accelerated pace.

Considered by many experts to be the most advanced Israeli hand‐to‐hand combat system in existence, CKM has changed the way expert instructors and combat professionals have come to view the art of modern personal defense preparation for real‐world attacks. CKM has created wide‐spread appeal through its proven effectiveness in close quarters battle, but more important is the constant push to adapt and raise the bar on what is possible for CKM followers to achieve in the most impossible situations.

The psychology of confrontation (pre and post attacks). Mindset needed to face extreme violence. Techniques taught to elite commando units and SWAT teams as well as thousands of everyday civilians around the world.

How to defeat any attackers including those armed with guns, knives, clubs, bottles, bats, etc. Survive any brutal attack on the ground. Escape from chokes and holds. Use tactical defense against strikes. Control or debilitate your opponent immediately irrespective of their size or martial arts background with no‐nonsense CKM concepts. Execute crucial and straightforward moves saving your life and the lives of your loved ones. Become an effective hand‐to‐hand combat expert!

Acquire the tools and knowledge to get into your best physical and mental shape.

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I am writing once again to express my gratitude for this amazing self defense system. I just completed level 3 with Elite Instructor Vincenzo D’Agostino. I thought I was prepared to face difficult challenges in my life. I am a General Surgeon. I know what it is to push through fatigue, to operate through long Continue Reading

Randy R. September 11, 2019

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