CKM Highly Effective Reality­-Based Training

CKM article woman2 CKM Highly Effective Reality­ Based Training

CKM article woman2 CKM Highly Effective Reality­ Based Training

Highly Effective and Easy to Learn Reality‐Based Training

CKM Highly Effective Reality­-Based Training – Learn to defend yourself against a multitude of reality‐based attacks, including: Gun & Rifle Disarming, Vicious Knife Attacks and Threats, Violent Strangulation, Ground Survival, Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios, Pressure Points, Violent Headlocks, Explosive Baseball Bat Attacks, Clinch Defense, Surprise Attacks, Escape from Unexpected Street‐holds, Improvised Weapons, Crime and Terrorism Survival Skills, Grappling and Striking techniques, Pre and Post Conflict Tactics, Commando Training Tips and much more!

You never know what life will throw at you. Be Prepared with Commando Krav Maga Reality‐Based Training. While practicing the CKM tactics and techniques, you are also taught to understand the psychological and mental aspects of the attack. You’ll learn through continual, progressive practice how to withstand these violent attacks, and how to mentally focus.

To maximize your street survival skills so you can perform under stress, CKM drills are progressive. You start training slowly and precisely (in some cases even blind‐folded) so that the tactics and techniques are built into your muscle memory and become part of you. You gradually increase the amount of pressure in your training to include balance, psychology, non‐cooperative attackers, multiple attackers and the adrenaline factor. We train as realistically as possible while always keeping safety in mind.

As you progress in Commando Krav Maga, the level of intensity becomes increasingly demanding both physically and mentally. The physical and mental toughness gained, not only help you against a street survival situation, it will also help you with daily life challenges. You’ll find yourself able to deal with your daily life stresses more easily and productively. Through advanced training, you will gain the skill and self‐confidence to effectively survive any confrontation. Whatever skill set you have right now, Reality based Commando Krav Maga classes will help you hone your physical and mental ability, to a much higher level.