CKM Law Enforcement Training Goal

CKM article Law2 CKM Law Enforcement Training Goal

CKM article Law2 CKM Law Enforcement Training Goal


The goal of the CKM T.O.P. training program is to be field ready in the shortest amount of time possible while providing solid solutions to control and subdue subjects in a lawful manner. All the tactics and techniques in the program have been tested to be effective for a wide range of body types and strengths to ensure that our heroes have a better chance to return home safe at the end of the day.


In CKM LAW ENFORCEMENT – T.O.P program there are a total of 3 Levels. You can progress from levels 1‐3 either as a certified CKM T.O.P Instructor or as a CKM T.O.P student. The grading requirements are different for instructors and students. The comprehensive curriculum in the T.O.P Tactical Training includes:
● Comprehensive Survival Skills
● Situational Awareness
● Fear Psychology
● Restraint & Control Tactics
● Escorting Uncooperative Suspects
● Handcuffing Techniques
● Baton Tactics
● Hostage & Execution Scenarios
● Car Jacking
● Confined Places
● Weapon Retention
● Handgun Disarming
● Long Gun Disarming
● Retrained and arrest tactics with and without the use of hand cuffs
● Vicious Knife Attacks
● Ground Survival
● Fast and Brutal Striking Scenarios
● Pressure Points
● Surprise Attacks
● Escape from Unexpected Street‐Holds
● Improvised Weapons
● Pre/Post Confrontation Tactics
● Extreme Conflict Mindset
● and more…
Be Field Ready in the Shortest Amount of Training Time!

ATA Martial Arts Commando Krav Maga is an officially licensed CKM school located at
6030 St. Andrews Rd. Ste N Columbia, South Carolina 29212
(803) 772-9439