Key Survival Concepts for Self ­Defense

CKM article hand2hand3 Key Survival Concepts for Self ­Defense

CKM article hand2hand3 Key Survival Concepts for Self ­Defense

6 Key Survival Concepts for Self‐Defense

At Commando Krav Maga, you’ll learn self‐defense techniques in a structured, progressive manner. Each type of situation will have the same concepts, techniques, and guidelines applied, so that the unpredictable can be made predictable, and you will survive. Here are the 6 Key Self‐Defense Survival Techniques:

Key 1 ‐ Engage/Disengage!

In a street fight there are no rules or referee stoppages. Staying engaged with your attacker and trying to punish them can be fatal. At any time the attacker can pull out a concealed weapon or their friends could jump in. This is why one of the key concepts in CKM is to disengage whenever you can, but if you have no choice, immediately engage to create as much damage as quickly as possible then disengage to safety.

Key 2 ‐ Maximum Damage/Minimum Time!

Further building on the concept of Engage/Disengage, CKM tactics and techniques are designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time during a life‐threatening confrontation. You are trained to debilitate the attacker with devastating street tactics that will ensure your survival.

Key 3 ‐ 5 Seconds Rule!

In CKM, you are taught Ground Survival rather than Ground Fighting. No matter how superior your grappling skills, staying on the ground during a street confrontation can be fatal. Unlike in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ring, the streets are unpredictable. Your attacker can suddenly pull out a knife or his friends may jump in. In CKM, you are trained to get up in 5 seconds or less from any devastating ground attacks including ground and pound, submissions or lethal weapons. Once you’re up, the goal is to disengage to safety rather than trying to punish the attacker.

Key 4 ‐ The What‐Ifs!

In order to train realistically, you need to implement the what‐if mindset by putting yourself in the attacker’s shoes. As the street is unpredictable, you need to consider the different variables. “What if the attacker is bigger, stronger or faster?” “What if the attacker moves from one attack to another?” “What if the attacker’s friends jump in to help him?” “What if the attacker is carrying a concealed weapon?” By internalizing the CKM what‐if mentality, you will develop the proper mindset to always prepare for the worst!

Key 5 ‐ Adaptation!

In Commando Krav Maga, you are trained to adapt quickly to the changing environment under the most realistic scenarios. After perfecting your tactics and techniques through progressive practice, you must test yourself under the most stressful and dynamic conditions. One of the best methods of developing effective instinctive reaction is implementing CKM surprise attacks into your training.

Key 6 ‐ Simplicity is Genius!

Any technique that requires more than two gross motor skills is extremely difficult to perform under stress. In Commando Krav Maga, most of the tactics were designed to be simple and universal so that you don’t have to think about the move under stress. They work regardless of the direction of the attack or size of the attacker.

Although the tactics and techniques in CKM are simple to perform, it took many years of research and field testing to refine and evolve CKM to where it is today. Think of a clock: simple on the face but when you look inside, you will see how many detailed and intricate parts it takes to make the clock move. This is symbolic of the ingenuity behind CKM’s simple and highly technical yet straight forward tactics.

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