A life-changing, transformative experience

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I am writing once again to express my gratitude for this amazing self defense system. I just completed level 3 with Elite Instructor Vincenzo D’Agostino. I thought I was prepared to face difficult challenges in my life. I am a General Surgeon. I know what it is to push through fatigue, to operate through long nights, manage stress and make the hard decisions when life hangs in the balance. I have never been pushed like I was at this boo tcamp. At the beginning, Vincenzo told us that there is only so much the body can do, after that it’s mindset. I didn’t know what that meant – now I do. He pushed us to physical failure and then lead us to a deeper strength, a well I didn’t know I had. Vincenzo’s leadership and the incredible camaraderie of my CKM brothers and sisters provided a life-changing, transformative experience. It was a difficult journey, but I am changed. I am not just safer in the world, I am a better person.

Cassandra J.
General Surgeon

The best defensive tactics training I’ve ever attended

CKM Testimonial logo 150x150 Reviews

It was by far the best defensive tactics training I’ve ever attended. The gun/knife defense and disarming techniques were excellent, and easy to learn. As you said, “Simplicity is Genius.” And the little bit of ground work that we got into was great. It really made me look at ground fighting a little differently.

With full contact fighting like UFC & Pride becoming so popular, and as officers train in Jui Jitsu, Judo, etc., I believe now we may be becoming too comfortable on the ground. Street fighting is not a controlled environment, and there will no referee to stop double and triple teaming. Or stop a subject from pulling a gun or knife once on the ground. You react how you train, so if your taken to the ground in a real street fight with no rules, will you pull guard? Or will you get back to your feet in 5 seconds and try to create distance, us weapons, etc.? It makes you stop and think. If your in law enforcement or corrections and have the opportunity, get in this class. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

BUT…… If your coming to the class to hang out with your friends and take long breaks, then this class is probably not for you. On the contrary, if you want to start learning within the first 10 minutes of class, work HARD for a good 8+ hours a day, and by end of a 32 hour week be exhuasted, bruised and know in your heart that you now posess techniques that greatly increase your chances of not just surviving, but winning in a gun or knife situation, then take Moni’s class.

God Bless and be safe.

Dwain M.
State Law Enforcement Officer

Techniques that were not size and strength based

CKM Testimonial logo 150x150 Reviews

I recently attended your Commando Krav Maga class held in Palm Beach County, Florida and wanted to say,”thanks.” I felt like I left the training with a new set of tools. It was great to see techniques that were not size and strength based. The techniques taught and your drills for learning them were impressive. I have been involved with my agency’s defensive tactics program for 10 years, and truly hope they will incorporate your techniques into their training.

Tom T.
State Law Enforcement Officer

WOW! It was a great camp, exceeding my expectations

CKM Testimonial logo 150x150 Reviews

Now having the opportunity to write and supply feedback on the CKM training I attended last weekend in Atlanta, I am compelled to say…WOW! It was a great camp, exceeding my expectations. Of course meeting people with the same interest and going through a serious learning and physical experience resulted in the possibility of a few lifelong friends. The material was not only good, but valuable, useful and serious. At 56, I rarely choose to spend time on “fluff”; this was no waste of my time. I will be a lifelong student and look forward to continued training. Now, Andrew Clough. What an amazing instructor. It was clear quickly that he was not just someone who “read this in a book”. His skills and experience made those 4 days for me; period. Not only is he skilled, he is a very good teacher. Patient, concise, knowledgeable in teaching and naturally a true leader. His ability to discern an individual and adjust his methods accordingly are quite rare; reserved for the best. He…made me want to be my best. Congratulations on a great and useful system; a great program and a superior teacher. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the future.

Eddie M.

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