A life-changing, transformative experience

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I am writing once again to express my gratitude for this amazing self defense system. I just completed level 3 with Elite Instructor Vincenzo D’Agostino. I thought I was prepared to face difficult challenges in my life. I am a General Surgeon. I know what it is to push through fatigue, to operate through long nights, manage stress and make the hard decisions when life hangs in the balance. I have never been pushed like I was at this boo tcamp. At the beginning, Vincenzo told us that there is only so much the body can do, after that it’s mindset. I didn’t know what that meant – now I do. He pushed us to physical failure and then lead us to a deeper strength, a well I didn’t know I had. Vincenzo’s leadership and the incredible camaraderie of my CKM brothers and sisters provided a life-changing, transformative experience. It was a difficult journey, but I am changed. I am not just safer in the world, I am a better person.

Randy R. September 11, 2019