WOW! It was a great camp, exceeding my expectations

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Now having the opportunity to write and supply feedback on the CKM training I attended last weekend in Atlanta, I am compelled to say…WOW! It was a great camp, exceeding my expectations. Of course meeting people with the same interest and going through a serious learning and physical experience resulted in the possibility of a few lifelong friends. The material was not only good, but valuable, useful and serious. At 56, I rarely choose to spend time on “fluff”; this was no waste of my time. I will be a lifelong student and look forward to continued training. Now, Andrew Clough. What an amazing instructor. It was clear quickly that he was not just someone who “read this in a book”. His skills and experience made those 4 days for me; period. Not only is he skilled, he is a very good teacher. Patient, concise, knowledgeable in teaching and naturally a true leader. His ability to discern an individual and adjust his methods accordingly are quite rare; reserved for the best. He…made me want to be my best. Congratulations on a great and useful system; a great program and a superior teacher. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the future.

Calvin F. September 11, 2019