Woman’s Self Defense Must be Simple

CKM article woman3 Woman’s Self Defense Must be Simple

CKM article woman3 Woman’s Self Defense Must be Simple


Moni puts into practice his philosophy: “Simplicity is Genius”, during the development of techniques and tactics designed for the Smart Safe program. The validity of his method is proven as the most petite women can perform Smart Safe techniques successfully while under pressure.
There are a total of four levels in the CKM Woman – Smart Safe program. You can progress through levels one to four either as a Certified Smart Safe Instructor or as a Smart Safe Student.


SMART SAFE techniques are easy to learn, simple to preform and require very little physical strength.

This is the most comprehensive reality based self‐protection program for women in the world!
● Comprehensive Survival Skills
● Situational Awareness Mindset
● Fear Psychology
● Sexual Assault Scenarios
● Kidnapping Attempts
● Car Jacking
● Home Invasion
● Gun Disarming
● Vicious Knife Threats
● Violent Strangulation
● Ground Survival
● Striking Scenarios
● Pressure Points
● Violent Headlocks
● Surprise Attacks
● Escape from Unexpected Street‐Holds
● Improvised Weapons
● Pre and Post Confrontation Tactics
● Extreme Conflict Mindset…
● The Never Give Up Attitude!

Acquire the tools and knowledge to get into your best physical and mental shape.

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